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Starting Friday, U.S. lettuce and spinach go nuclear.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The FDA has decided to allow food producers to radiate lettuce and spinach.
Put on your tinfoil hats when you try to figure this one out.
Irradiated meat has been around for years. In February 2000, the U.S.government began allowing food manufactures to irradiate raw meat and meat products. At that time it was doubtful the public would accept meat that had been zapped. Working toward a decade later I’d be hard pressed to find a shopper that knows their meat has been irradiated.


If you happen to pick up a package at your local grocery right now, and you see the words, ‘cold pasteurized’ or ‘electronically pasteurized you are holding an irradiated product.

If you are under the age of 40, and you happen to carry a magnifying lens with you, you may just be able to read the fine print. If you’re over 40 odds are you wouldn’t be able to see it even with a magnifying glass.

In 2007 Consumer Reports found that 71% of consumers didn’t want to buy irradiated products.

Don’t worry though, the food that’s been irradiated hasn’t gone radioactive. You won’t turn yellow and start glowing, but don’t take off your tinfoil hat just yet.

It seems the maximum dose of irradiation on meat is 4.5 kiloGrays. A kiloGray is one unit of irradiation. 4.5 doesn’t seem so bad. Not bad until we find out that is the equivalent of about 7 million chestX-rays. That Million with an ‘M’.

Once we approach the 5 or 6 million chest X-ray mark, what’s another 500,000 plus or minus?
Although our meat isn’t glowing, irradiating items with fat in them causes a peculiar ‘radiolytic byproduct’ specific to irradiation. It changes the fat into 2-ACBs. [2-alkylcyclobutanones] 2-ABCs when put into rats cause tumors to grow in their colons.

There has been a tremendous increase in the U.S. in colon cancers since 1999. We would be led to believe that is due to more people being diagnosed with the disease. Maybe, but what are the odds?


How about cleaning up our act? Can we not figure out how to keep fecal matter, animal and human, out of our food supply? Can we really not figure that out?


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Starting Friday, U.S. lettuce and spinach go nuclear.

CUI, Controlled Unclassified Information! You don’t need to know.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

You’ll need rubber hip boots to wade through the odoriferous methods the White House is using to keep you in the dark.

Steven Johnson, EPA Administrator refused again to answer pointed questions and requests to disclose information about his contacts with the White House to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. With people like Johnson and Libby who needs Controlled Unclassified Information?

Johnson, tossing himself under the bus in Scooter Libby’esque fashion, claims any decisions to reverse various air pollution rules were purely his own. White House intervention on behalf of industry had nothing to do with his decisions. He may find his refusals culminating in subpoenas and contempt of Congress findings. “I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to discuss the conversations” Johnson said, of conversations he was loath to admit did or did not take place between himself and the White House.

Are you on a ‘need to know’ basis? Apparently not.

The Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) has been ‘refashioned’. Refashioned as in buying a suit and having it tailored for a custom fit. To fit whom? The new tailored IRIS has been ‘refashioned’ to exclude from the public, comments from federal agencies now known as ‘deliberative’. These comments are not allowed to be part of the public record, and they are in fact exempt from Freedom of Information Act requests.

John Stephenson, director of natural resources and environment at the General Accounting Office, testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee saying the OMB, Office of Management and Budget, ordered EPA to terminate 5 IRIS assessments without giving any reason.

The revised process, besides giving an added cloak of secrecy for the government to hide behind, also holds up risk assessment time for years. Now it takes an average of 7 years to conduct an IRIS assessment. EPA could do a risk assessment in only 1 year.

This affords the government a ‘plausible deniability’ out, as when in 2005 the government provided 120,000 trailers having toxic levels of formaldehyde leching from fiberboard. Formaldehyde was declared a known human carcinogen in 2006. The EPA still has not completed the formaldehyde assessment. EPA had nearly finished an assessment of formaldehyde it had started in 2004 when at the ‘behest of the formaldehyde industry was postponed.

One might think that with plausible deniability, deliberative protection and people in the administration willing to toss themselves under the wheels of the bus for their leaders the government wouldn’t need Controlled Unclassified Information.

The CUI policy puts the people on the short list of those who ‘need to know.’ We the people don’t need to know about the lack of inspections, chemical plants located near populated cities that don’t pass inspections, dams, bridges and other infrastructure that isn’t passing inspections, toxins released into the oceans, the air and into our food…

It’s so much easier to spend our economic stimulus checks when we don’t have all that pesky environment poisoning and risk assessment stuff on our minds!

If you’re spending that rebate on food, as so many people are finding necessary to get by, keep this in mind. Private labs aren’t required to inform the FDA when tests indicate imported food is contaminated.

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CUI, Controlled Unclassified Information! You don’t need to know.

Your Urine is now a matter of National Security.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Top Secret! National Security! You DO NOT need to know what you are pissing away!

Do I have a right to know what’s in my urine? How can what I urinate be a matter of National Security? It can’t be!

From fish to meat to baby shampoo to the pipes our water flows through, we are a world increasingly filled with unwanted, unintended chemicals in our bodies and now we are being told we can’t handle the truth.

The truth is, we already know we are being pumped full of pharmaceuticals and chemicals we never signed up for…now the small number of government officials and the other 1% of the public is being made aware.

We already know that 2 of the most powerful antibiotics, ciprofloxacin and enrofloxacin, both banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been getting into the food we eat.

These drugs have been proven to play a major role in the transmission of resistant microorganisms from animals to humans through the food chain.

We also know that Phthalates, a chemical used in many types of plastics, has been linked to testicular cancer and defects of the male reproduction system. Most of the water we drink passes through pipes made of PVC at some point.

In fact 90% of the phthalates produced in the UK go into the production of PVC products. The UK banned the use of products that use Phthalates that come into contact with food stuffs.

A condition known as Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome (TDS) is the name for the umbrella that covers a long list of male reproductive organ ailments. Cryptorchidism (undescended testicle), Hypospadias (a birth defect of the penis) and impaired sperm production known as spermatogenesis are all being linked to exposure to Phthalates.

Phthalates absorbed by pregnant women is also thought to be leading to the ‘feminization’ of the developing male fetus. The Chemical Bisphenol A, (BPA) is beginning to be linked to ‘gender confusion‘. Virtually everyone tested shows one or more types of Phthalates in their urine.

One of the most in-depth explanations of what and where these chemicals can be found in is in an article ‘down the drain’ that can be found here

Lab rats, babies, fish, mammals of all kinds and now birds have been found to be suffering from the effects of these hormone disrupting chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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Your Urine is now a matter of National Security.

USDA Approves the Sale of Food from Clones, but USDA Recomends Against the Sale of Food from Clones! Too Late Suckers!

Friday, January 18, 2008

It’s safe to eat cloned meat, but it’s apparently not safe to sell the stuff. It’s lovely to find out both of these things, only yesterday, since we been doing both of these things for quite some time.

There is mounting evidence indicating Americans and others, (read trade partners) have already been eating meat from the offspring of clones. There are only a handful of cattle cloning companies and oddly each seems to suffer from the same record keeping defect. Is this perhaps because each of these companies was cloned from a defective host company?

These cattle cloning companies have been unable, that’s unable, to keep track of how many offspring of clones have already entered the food supply. Unleashing these cattle into the food supply and into the bodies of unsuspecting consumers is at the least immoral, at the most criminal charges should be brought against all those ‘unable’ to keep track of their lab experiments.

Allowing the cloned animals to enter the food supply before the completion of the FDA’s safety report, in essence, turned the public into an ongoing lab experiment without their knowledge or consent.

Many meat producers have been using semen from prize-winning cloned bulls for more than a few years already.

Stephen F. Sundlof, director of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition released a 968-page ‘final risk analysis’ saying, “meat and milk from cattle, swine and goat clones are as safe as the food we eat everyday.” This is a cruel statement since we’re already eating it everyday.

Photo: Dolly first cloned mammal, stuffed and on display at the Royal Museum of Scotland. Thanks Wikipedia.

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USDA Approves the Sale of Food from Clones, but USDA Recomends Against the Sale of Food from Clones! Too Late Suckers!

Feminized Intersex Fish, Deformed Male Penis, Hermaphroditic Whales. Linking estorgen stimulating, endocrine blocking chemicals.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The old joke ‘if you want to feel like a real woman, then wash this shirt and get me a beer’ may actually have more truth to it than we previously thought.

I don’t mean to imply men don’t do laundry. But, the constant contact with household cleaners usually does fall upon the human female. So it’s remarkable to find a connection between a class of toxic chemicals widely used in household detergents and the feminization of male fish.

This development has been studied for about the last 10 years. Nonylphenol ethoxylates, (NPE) known as estrogenic, means contact with this chemical will actually stimulate the production of estrogen.

There’s some irony! Maybe washing shirts really does make me feel more like a woman.

I don’t know if the mature male fish that carry eggs in their testes exhibit female behavior, but eggs in the reproductive system is definitely a female trait.

Canada and Europe have tighter restrictions imposed on the use of NPEs than the US.

In the US the answer to the use of these toxic class chemicals appears to be awarding certificates, maybe bronze plaques to companies that voluntarily commit to the use of safer substitutes for NPEs. How’s that for feminization? Why not a nice scrapbook page for their memory book too?

Voluntarily reducing the use of toxic chemicals is a ‘good thing’ as Martha Stewart would say. Procter & Gamble and Unilever have voluntarily substituted NPE’s with other chemicals in their products. Wal-Mart is still trying to hop on the green-train by rewarding companies it does business with that find alternatives to NPEs.

The Sierra Club thinks it’s time the EPA takes action to restrict or ban the use of this class of chemical.

Feminized or intersex fish have been found nearly everywhere. This leads me to agree with the idea that more than on estrogen stimulating, endocrine blocking chemical is being introduced into the environment and in more than one way.

Meanwhile, male salmon are loosing their urge to swim up stream, and becoming more amiable to staying home with the kids and keeping house.

More tomorrow on Phthalates, Nonylphenol ethoxylates, the Feminization of Marine life and the Human Male.

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Feminized Intersex Fish, Deformed Male Penis, Hermaphroditic Whales. Linking estorgen stimulating, endocrine blocking chemicals.

Catch of the Day: Scallops, Sardines, Scorpions and Fox

Friday, June 29, 2007

China, China, China. What will we do with Chinese imports?

After thousands of pets in North America became ill or died, from the use of tainted Chinese wheat gluten why would China not be more careful about the quality of their exports?

One could get the idea the China may not care how many people become sick or die from poisons contained in their products. Can this actually be the case? Why then are they sending Scallops and Sardines coated with putrefying bacteria to America?

Why are they shipping toxic cosmetics, tainted dietary supplements or dried apples preserved with cancer-causing chemicals to the rest of the world?

I get the message the Chinese are sending.

US inspection records show that China has been flooding the US with foods unfit for human consumption for years. The crime is that these products where simply sent back to China where they were, shipped right back to the US once, twice or three more times in an attempt to send the same poisoned products to American consumers.

Have we become so dependent upon cheap Chinese goods that we cannot live without them? It looks to me like many of us will stop living if we keep using them.

Canada exports $10 billion in FDA-regulated food and agricultural products to the US each year, of which, 56 shipments were rejected. By comparison 298 shipments from China’s $2 billion imports were rejected. Horror of horrors, only less than 1 percent of regulated imports from China were even inspected by the FDA.

In the past year the USDA has seized hundreds of thousands of pounds of Chinese meat being smuggled into the US. No meat from China is approved for import into the US. Apparently ‘dried lily flowers and prune slices’ are allowed, because that is what Chinese exporters have labeled their pirate shipments of meat.

China is aiming for certification so that they can legally ship poultry into the US. I don’t want a Chinese chicken legal, or otherwise, on the entire continent. I will never believe what they send will be safe. I think the US can grow more than enough chicken to meet American demand.

I think we have enough problems here already without importing new ones.

There is a story about a scorpion walking along the bank of a river, wondering how he would get to the other side. He saw a fox preparing to swim cross the river and he asked the fox to give him a ride.

The fox said, “no, if I do that you will sting me and I will drown.”
But, the scorpion sold the fox on the idea by saying, “If I did that we would both drown.”

That logic made sense to the fox and he agreed. Half way across the river, the scorpion stung the fox. As the fox began to die he asked the scorpion, “Why did you do that? Now you’ll die too.”

“I can’t help it,” said the scorpion. “It’s my nature.”

What is the ‘nature’ of the relationship China wishes to have with the US? I won’t apologize for asking.

More on this subject Monday.

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Catch of the Day: Scallops, Sardines, Scorpions and Fox

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