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Learn To Take Your Drinks ‘neat’; We’re running out of ice, among other things.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The oceans are currently uptaking 22 million tons of CO 2 daily which is making a significant and exponential change in the ocean’s chemistry.

In 2004, it was projected that the pH balance of the oceans would be lower in the middle of this century than they had been for more than 20 MILLION years.

There was a spike in methane release last year from the thawing Arctic permafrost too. Scientists are concerned that as the Arctic continues to warm and the permafrost thaws a cycle of carbon release and temperature rise will add to the reverberating feedback cycle…In April Ed Dlugokencky from NOAA’s Earth System Research Lab said, “It’s too soon to tell whether last year’s spike in emissions includes the start of such a trend.”


That was just 2 short months ago. Now the grim news is that for the first time in human history the ice at the North Pole will disappear entirely if it continues its current rate it will be gone by summer’s end. Science is placing the odds at 50:50. About 70% of the sea ice this spring was new ice formed over last winter. New ice melts faster than the old ice.

Inuit natives, near Baffin Bay, are reporting the sea ice is breaking up much earlier than normal this year. They have also seen wide cracks appearing where the ice normally remains stable.

The rate of Arctic land warming is 3.5 times greater than the average 21st century
warming rates predicted in climate models; more feedback cycles. So much so that
Science News is reporting over the past century the leading edges of conifer forests
have crawled from 20-60 meters of the mountains and have begun to overrun the tundra.

There are now conifers growing where no living tree has grown in the last 1,000 years. The greening of the Arctic is something we don’t want. The albedo, or the extent of which light from the sun can be reflected will be decreased more and more as the ‘green’ of the plant material continues to advance toward the Arctic.

The cycle continues to compound as the tundra thaws and releases methane. Scientists think between 1/3 and 1/2 the CO 2 that has been produced by humans since
the industrial revolution is now in the ocean. Water that is upwelling today is water that was exposed to 1958 CO 2 concentrations. 50 years from now the water being upwelled will be that exposed to the methane and carbon dioxide levels of today…

So, the last thing the Bush Administration wants getting out is a 250 page report by the EPA giving detailed alternative approaches of how to regulate greenhouse gases!


Did you ever hit that nasty ’send’ button on an email, and wish you could bring it back?

You aren’t alone. It generally happens to me after I’ve had a little too much wine. I’m not suggesting that’s the problem at the White House, but if the cork fits…

The White House demanded that an email the EPA had ’sent’ be ‘recalled’. If, however, the pesky ’send’ button has already been hit, then the White House has its own simple and fairly elegant solution to news it just doesn’t want to see. Just don’t open the email.

That won’t work either.

The EPA apparently had 250 pages of ‘detailed alternative approaches’ to regulate greenhouse gases from fuels, cars and some industry. But, no; the White House doesn’t want anything to do with solving problems. It appears, as is widely speculated, this administration is all about creating problems. Speculated is a generous term in this case. The time for speculation, in regard to the intentions of this administration, has long past.

The Supreme Court had already tried to set the White House straight when it ruled carbon dioxide is an air pollutant, and the Clean Air Act gave the EPA the power to start mandating that new vehicles to reduce their pollutants.

If we do have the technology and the money to regulate greenhouse gases it seems apparent those in power don’t want us to know about them.

Photo Thanks: NOAA

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Learn To Take Your Drinks ‘neat’; We’re running out of ice, among other things.

Earth In Crisis; We can’t say they didn’t warn us; or can we?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Decades ago, James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York was crying carbon dioxide,CO2 in the atmosphere would lead to global warming sooner than had been previously predicted. In 1981 Hansen was ringing the alarms that climatologists had missed their predictions by as many as 30 years.

Since then Hansen has been facing an uphill climb with more and more obstacles being placed before him by administration after administration. He says now, “Interference with communication of science to the public has been greater during the current administration than at any time in my career.”

Is the government really trying to silence science? Why would the government, who in reality, is the employee of the tax payer, want to keep the truth from their bosses?

Evidently the government no longer works for the tax payers. Hansen thinks the policy makers are “the people who need to know are ignorant of the actual status of the matter, and the gravity of the matter, and most important, the urgency of the matter.”

Exxon Mobil profits exceed $11.7 Billion for the 4th quarter of 2007 so it’s no surprise they find themselves with heavy pockets. Their pockets are even heavier when the fat politicians crawl inside to pick them.

Jim Hansen was one of Time Magazine’s top 100 most influential people in 2006.

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Earth In Crisis; We can’t say they didn’t warn us; or can we?

How can we put all the C02 problems to rest? Give them a proper burial. Australia intends to send 110,231 tons of C02 to a grave 6,500 feet under.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The idea of sending greenhouse gases to be hidden away where the sun doesn’t shine isn’t exactly a new one. Man has always looked for ways to bury that which is stinky, dangerous, and in some cases illegal. Since man first said, “that stinks, I hope I don’t step in that later” man has been covering up, in the ground or dumping off in the sea, every manner of refuse. Why not the CO2 emissions?

Since 1996 more than a million tons of carbon dioxide have been buried in 9 different locations. Some have have gone to rest under an oil field in the North Sea and under a gas field in Algeria. The latest CO2 grave is in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Geosequestration is one of those 75 cent words, constructed to dazzle. What is geosequestration? It’s carbon capture and storage, referred to as CCS. CO2 resulting from some form of production or another, it doesn’t matter what form, is captured and injected somewhere…where the injector hopes the injected never escapes the injectee, something like what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

Unlike what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, what gets injected into the ground under pressure may not stay in the ground.

In 1989 there was an earthquake in Australia that killed 13 people and created billions of dollars of damage. At the center of this particular earthquake was a major fault resting comfortably below Australia’s Newcastle coalfields.

Many scientists believe “geomechanical pollution” was the culprit behind this earthquake. Millions of tons of coal and millions and millions more tons of water had been removed from the Newcastle coalfield since it had opened in 1801.

There is much speculation that the removal of 200 years worth of soil, coal and water from this field changed the stress on the earth above and below the coalfield.

Geosequestration or sequestering greenhouse gases underground could have a distabilizing effect on the earth as well. But, the first rule of thumb would certainly have to be to pump those gases and store them as far away from a fault as possible so they wouldn’t be released en masse during an earthquake, and to store them as far away from populated areas as would be possible.

No one can agree whether or not manmade changes to the underground landscape have anything to do with causing instability. Common sense would dictate scooping out the inside of anything would change its stability. On the other side of the coin, pumping anything full of a foreign substance is going to cause instability as well. Just see what happens when too much gas is pumped into a balloon, or too much custard is pumped into a doughnut.

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How can we put all the C02 problems to rest? Give them a proper burial. Australia intends to send 110,231 tons of C02 to a grave 6,500 feet under.

Global Warming is a Crock of Sh*t or algunos pinchazos pequenos?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman General Motors will be the winner of Eye on Designs’ 2008 Lifetime Design Achievement Award.

Bob Lutz is not a designer nor is he an engineer. He isn’t even a product development expert. So how has he come to be named the receipiant of the prestiegious Lifetime design award? Previous award winners decide.

Jack Telnack, previous award receipiant and retired Vice President of Design at Ford Motor Company sent his ballot back with a comment about Bob Lutz. Jack Telnack is considered the father of the breathtakingly divinely beautiful design that is the Ford Taurus. Jack said, in part, “if it were not for Bob’s emotional connection with design and backing, I may not have convinced top management at Ford that the original Taurus design was the wave of the future.”

I’m not sure how the Ford Taurus lines up with Lutz’s ideas that a car is an exciting mobile sculpture.

Apparently Bob Lutz is receiving this award because he wields an incredible amount of influence. At least over designers of Autos and that’s too bad since Lutz expressed his opinion that “Global warming was a total crock of sh*t” recently.

The problem with making statements that sound like a ‘total crock of sh*t’ is the need to follow-up defending your crock. In Lutz’s blog entry at GM’s FastLane Blog site Lutz’s seems incredulous that his “Global Warming is a total crock of sh*t statement would “catch on” out there.

Bob Lutz sees that the Hybrid cars “make no economic sense” and gets ‘turned on by’ “…forcing people to re-think their beliefs.” Lutz supports the new fuel-efficient Chevrolet Volt that will run on lithium-ion batteries, but that doesn’t come from worry over the CO2 in the air, but from a business stand point. He says card dealers will thrive in a sluggish economy and they need to say “I make my own prosperity.”

Lutz is intitled to his opinion, but his assertion that “my opinions on the subject-like anyone’s-are immaterial” makes as much sense as the hombre’s assertion in Frida Kahlo’s depiction of a man that had murdered his girlfriend. His defense? ‘I only gave her a few small nips’.

Every ‘Global Warming’ naysayer takes a small ‘nip’ at the planet. Each time we make an indifferent decision not to turn off a light when we leave a room or buy a coffee in a styrofoam cup we are taking ‘a small nip’ at our world.

Every opinion counts. Some opinions influence more people than others; too bad.

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Global Warming is a Crock of Sh*t or algunos pinchazos pequenos?

Could M. Knight Shyamalan read the "Signs" BMO’s Donald Coxe is Laying Down in the Corn Field?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In Toronto on January 3, global portfolio strategist Donald Coxe, dished out some grim “signs” of a coming global food catastrophe. To what does Coxe attribute this looming disaster? Corn of course.

The kernel at the heart of Coxe’s theory is, more to the point, biofuels. Coxe warned the Empire Club; biofuels are expected to eat up about a third of America’s 2007 grain harvest.

Coxe’s is quoted as saying, “Those who have food are going to have a big edge.” This is hardly an intuitive grasp of reality. Anyone who has ever been hungry at mealtime knows food is good and no food is bad.

Coxe suggests reasons for the coming cataclysmic food shortage will be a growing demand for more meat and dairy products by India and China as well as a growing demand from the biofuels industry. Dharmic Law and Karmic Consequences aside in India the very name of cow is Aghnya (‘not to be killed”). Mahabharat Shantiparv 262.47 …Surely, one who kills a cow or a bull commits a heinous crime…

In my mind there would have to be a complete paradigm shift in India if their demand for meat is going to take a sharp rise anytime in the near future. A paradigm shift might take generations, that is unless a good marketing firm can sell the benefits of red meat, arterial disease and many types of cancers to millions of consumers.

The same marketing firms may have an easier time selling the benefits of red meat and dairy products to the Chinese, as long as they keep certain facts out of their advertising. Men in China and Japan have up to 90 percent less prostate cancer than their meat eating, dairy downing American counterparts. Asian women also have up to 90 percent less breast cancer than American women.

Clearly improving the health of the planet isn’t what Mr. Coxe is promoting. There are more holes in his theory than a slice of Swiss cheese.

More cattle equals more methane gas which is responsible for nearly as much as all other CO2 greenhouse gases put together. Methane is a greenhouse gas nearly 21 times more powerful than CO2. The number one source of methane worldwide is animal agriculture.

Coxe contends the way to combat the crisis he sees coming is by using more fertilizer, genetically modified seeds and producing less biofuels.

So where is the smart money?

Petroleum stocks to insure more greenhouse gas emissions. Pharmaceutical stocks to treat even more diseases caused by increased meat and dairy consumption. Biotech stocks, not for cleaner fuels, but livestock feed. Chemical industry stocks to further pollute our waters with fertilizers…

The signs in the cornfields are easier to understand.

Image Thanks: Google Earth

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Could M. Knight Shyamalan read the "Signs" BMO’s Donald Coxe is Laying Down in the Corn Field?

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